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How to create Airtable forms

Learn how to build forms that integrate with your Airtable bases

In this post we'll look at how we can use the Airtable forms feature to collect and store data in Airtable bases.

Creating your first form

Let's navigate to the base and table that we want to create a form for.

In the "Views" pane on the left hand side of our base we want to select the "Form" option under "Create...".

Give your form a relevant name so that you can identify it in future.

Great, we've created our form and see some options and fields which we're going to look at soon.

Notice how Airtable forms are aware and built upon our existing base schema, yours will look different according to your base schema.

We can click on the name of the various fields in our form to expand them. I'm going to click on Task.

Now we'll see we're able to configure attributes like the field name, whether the field is required, and the help text for the field in our form.

I want to make Task required in my form so I'm going to toggle required on at the top right of the box.

I'll also add some help text to help form users understand more about the field they're populating.

Now that we're happy with the configuration of our fields, let's see what our form looks like by selecting "Open form".

I'm going to go ahead and submit the form with only the Status field populated to verify it can't be submitted with an empty task field.

Great, things are working as expected, let's move on.

Creating your first conditional field

Let's look at adding some conditional logic to our forms. As an example let's only require the user to fill out the Date field when Status is of value "Done".

Here's how our Date field should be configured:

Now let's select "Open form" at the top again to see our changes.

Great! We no longer see the Date field by default and will only see it as a required field when Status is of value "Done".

Sharing your forms

Now we have forms but we don't have any responses, we need to distribute our form.

Airtable provides you with a link to your forms which you can share on your website or social media.

Airtable also provides snippets which can be used to embed a form onto your website via a HTML iframe.

To find this all, we simply select "Share form" at the top of our base page.

Submitting a form response

Let's try out our newly created form via the link we got from "Share form" and verify it does indeed create a record in our Airtable base.

Here's how I filled in my form:

Here's a row that was added to my base:

Wrapping up

That should provide you with a good base to get started with creating your own Airtable forms.

Explore some of the other options we didn't cover in this guide to give your Airtable forms some extra functionality and flair.