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How to find your Airtable API key (2023)

Learn where to find your Airtable API key and why it is not the right option in 2023

Airtable uses your API key to authenticate programmatic access via the Airtable REST API which allows you to perform operations on your bases and records. Your API key may be used in code you've written or be used by a trusted third-party on your behalf.

Finding your API key

Follow this link to get to the API key section of your Airtable developer hub.

Why using Airtable API keys is not the right option in 2023

Airtable API keys are due to be deprecated by the end of January 2024 (source), begin migrating away from them to avoid interruptions to your API integrations.

The recommended options are PAT (personal access token) or building an OAuth integration.

Unless you're providing an Airtable service (like Airwalker) you should prefer a PAT, it works the same as an API key but has additional security features.

Through scopes & base grants you can control what operations a token can execute and which bases it can execute them for.

How to create an Airtable PAT (personal access token)

Follow this link to create your personal access token.

You'll need to fill in a name, scopes, and base access. Once you've done this select "Create token".

Having created your token ensure you store it securely, the token is only shown once.

Note: Airtable advises that you do not share your PAT with third parties. Unfortunately you might not be able to help it if you're using a third-party service that hasn't created an Airtable OAuth integration yet.

That should be all you need to get started with Airtable API access in 2023.

API access via the Airwalker proxy (for Airwalker users only)

Airwalker already uses an Airtable OAuth integration so you don't need to worry about upcoming deprecations.

It's a great time to free two birds with one key. If you're still using Airtable API keys you can swap them out for an Airwalker API key, you'll be up to date with Airtable's requirements and enjoy additional Airwalker functionality.